Water Data Collaborative Program Coordinator - The Commons - Waterkeeper

Water Data Collaborative Program Coordinator – The Commons

Washington, DC – The Commons, on behalf of the Water Data Collaborative (WDC) is requesting proposals for a Program Coordinator for an expected twelve month engagement. The Program Coordinator will provide key support to WDC’s Steering Committee in the administration and strategic development. The Program Coordinator will be the liaison between all member organizations and provide the necessary leadership to run WDC meetings, hold the Steering Committee accountable to the broader procedures and business functions of WDC, and support the WDC in expanding its programs and network.

The Water Data Collaborative mission is to grow and maintain an inclusive community of trained and qualified community water scientists who employ best available practices and technologies to provide data that enable the protection and restoration of our nation’s waterways. Formed in 2017, the WDC brings partners together to facilitate nationwide, fundamental improvements in the infrastructure and resources that support documented and useful community-collected water quality monitoring data. WDC Steering Committee represent a diverse landscape of community scientists and technical experts, who believe in a shared vision where credible water quality data collected by community scientists are published, used to inform decisions, and guide actions to ensure our waters remain – or become – healthy, clean, and abundant for use by all communities and ecosystems. Our founding Steering Committee members include: Chesapeake Conservancy, Izaak Walton League of America, The Commons, River Network and Waterkeeper Alliance. The WDC’s collaboration with the Internet of Water (IoW) began in 2018, and the IoW joined the WDC Steering Committee in 2019. The WDC is emerging as one of several organizational hubs in a broader network being cultivated by the IoW. The WDC hub is focused on transforming both the access to and use of community science data in concert with public agency data to drive responsive decision-making and policy. The past support of Pisces Foundation has been vital to both the WDC and the IoW in launching this new collaborative approach.with powerful software.

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