President - Hudson Riverkeeper - Waterkeeper

President – Hudson Riverkeeper

Ossining, NY – For more than 50 years, Riverkeeper has sought to protect and restore the Hudson River from source to sea and to safeguard drinking water supplies through advocacy rooted in community partnerships, science, and law. Riverkeeper’s goal is to ensure the Hudson River, its tributaries and watershed, and the New York City drinking watershed are: restored to ecological health and balance; free-flowing, resilient, and teeming with life; reliable sources of safe, clean drinking water; recovered from historic and inequitable environmental harms; safe and accessible for swimming, fishing, boating, and other recreational activities; and valued and stewarded by all.

Riverkeeper is looking for a President to lead a 30-member staff team and implement a recently completed strategic plan to maximize mission impact.

The President should value:

  • The fundamental rights of the Hudson River, its tributaries, and all the living things that depend upon them to exist and thrive in healthy, balanced ecosystems;
  • Clean water as essential to all living things and access to clean drinking water as a human right;
  • A reduction of environmental harms, especially for disproportionately impacted communities and decimated fish and wildlife populations;
  • Facts, science, and community voices as the foundation of Riverkeeper’s work;
  • Trust, respect, integrity, and justice as the basis for Riverkeeper’s relationships, both within and beyond the organization; and
  • Environmental and recreational benefits for all.

Building upon its legacy, strengths, and core strategies of advocacy, science, law, and community partnerships, the President will provide collaborative leadership, vision, and strategic direction for Riverkeeper, its programs, fundraising, enforcement, and community engagement efforts. In partnership with an engaged board, a committed staff, volunteers, advisors, and community partners who share a common vision and purpose, the President will embrace Riverkeeper’s rootedness in the Hudson and leverage and build upon its sphere of influence, core values, and good standing as an intellectually hard hitting, science-based advocate with an ingrained and well-earned reputation for punching above its weight.

Please send application – expression of interest letter and CV – or nomination(s) to Angela Henry and Mark Tarnacki at [email protected].

View the full position description here.