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Since Dive into Democracy launched in March, we have covered many of the ways that the Trump administration and Members of Congress are attempting to push an environmental agenda that puts industry profits before the health, safety, and rights of all Americans. While it often feels like an uphill battle, speaking out makes a difference. None of the bad bills that we highlighted have passed Congress, and our advocacy is making it much more difficult for agencies to plow ahead with attempts to tear down our environmental protections.

But the fight has only yet begun. We need to keep paying attention and keep placing pressure on our elected officials to speak up for clean water. Polluting companies are relentless in their pursuit to increase profits by lowering environmental protections, so we too must be relentless. It is only through persistent, passionate engagement that we can make our voices heard and defend our waters.

That is why we want to thank you for joining us in fighting for the right to clean water and a sustainable, healthy future for all Americans, and urge you to keep speaking out. Hold your Members of Congress accountable and take every opportunity to remind them that clean water is important to you and your communities. Ask them to:

  • Preserve Clean Water Act protections, including the ability for private citizens to take action when government fails to;  
  • Support a strong, well-funded Environmental Protection Agency that is able to create regulations free from industry interference;
  • Pushback on attempts by Scott Pruitt’s Environmental Protection Agency to roll back our environmental protections; and,
  • Promote a clean energy future that puts an end to government handouts to fossil fuel companies and fossil fuel extraction offshore or on public lands, holds permitting agencies accountable and doesn’t hamstring essential environmental review processes.

Thank you for being a voice for clean water and for the future we hope to see!

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