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According to USGS topographic maps, the Powwow River rises in the center of Danville, New Hampshire, and flows southeasterly through Long Pond into Kingston, where it enters Great Pond, a 268-acre water body in the center of the town. LeavingGreat Pond, the river enters an extensive network of wetlands and receives a major tributary from the southwest, the outlet of Country Pond, situated in Kingston and Newton. Continuing east, the Powwow River enters Powwow Pond and passes into the southwest corner of East Kingston, flowing over Trickling Falls Dam at Route 107. The river turns southeast and enters South Hampton, where it flows into Tuxbury Pond and crosses into Amesbury, Massachusetts. Below the outlet of the pond, the river winds easterly along the state line before entering Massachusetts for good at Lake Gardner. The river then flows through the center of Amesbury, where it drops over falls and rapids before reaching the Merrimack River.

Asia Scudder has been involved in issues relating to environmental concerns since she was 8-years old when her family chose to have her signed up for nature classes at her local nature center in Bellevue, Nebraska. She subsequently worked there as an instructor for several years while a college student.Asia has been involved as an ecologist, a native landscape designer, and public speaker on issues concerning water management, clean water, soil development with organic, sustainable methods since 1989. Her interest in the Powwow River stems from her history of concern for our natural environment. She knows based on her years teaching environmental classes for people of all ages, that once educated, any individual is willing to take steps to retain a resource based on new understanding of our relationship to the Earth and its natural resources. This was one key for her when she wanted to demonstrate to those who may not otherwise have shown concern ... education.


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