Min River Waterkeeper


Jun Tian
[email protected]
028 86263969



The Min River Basin lies completely within Sichuan Province, and gave rise to the ancient Shu Civilization. As recorded in Chinese classics as early as the Confucian Shangshu, the Min River was (mistakenly) regarded as the source of the Yangtze River until the 1970s. Its abundance has been influential to local livelihoods since ancient eras. However, as hydropower develops and human activities expand through urbanization, coupled with originally unstable geological conditions and the occurrence of natural disasters such as earthquakes, the ecological fragility of the Min River Basin has became particularly visible.

Jun Tian was appointed as General Secretary of Chengdu Urban Rivers Association (parent organization of Min River Waterkeeper) when established in 2003. With birth of the organization, Ms. Tian and a team of experts worked to improved the water quality of Funan River. Through the project, they noticed that livelihood of upstream villages had direct influence on the water quality of the downstream communities. Therefore, they promoted eco-friendly life style for upsteream villages, which later evolved to the Anlong Village Model, a sustainable agriculture model that attrached people around the world to visit.


Chengdu, Sichuan