Matanzas Riverkeeper


Neil Armingeon
[email protected]



The Matanzas River---an estuarine lagoon---lies parallel to the Florida Coast and extends from the St. Augustine Inlet to its junction with the Pellicer Creek, about 30 miles to the south, in Flagler County. The Matanzas River Basin extends from the barrier beaches, to the estuary itself, the marshes on its borders, the freshwater creeks that empty into it, and the upland woods above it, and finally to the ridges that define the watershed. The total area of the Basin is 186 square miles, and the Basin supports more than 4,000 species of plants and animals. 

Neil A. Armingeon is the Matanzas Riverkeeper. He is a familiar face to this community. He served as the St. Johns Riverkeeper for nine years, and during his tenure he worked with numerous groups in St. Johns County including Friends of Matanzas, the South Anastasia Community Association, Florida Wildlife Federation, and the Environmental Youth Council. He is well known as a trusted community leader on water issues, and a passionate advocate for Florida’s natural resources. Neil brings 23 years of non-profit environmental organization experience to this position. He has worked for the North Carolina Coastal Federation, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation in New Orleans, and most recently with St. Johns Riverkeeper in Jacksonville Florida.


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