Hann Baykeeper


Mbacke Seck
[email protected]



Hann Bay was once one of the most sumptuous bays in the world. Traditional fishermen considered it one of the most important nurseries of Senegal. Its strategic location favored the establishment of a port and industrial zone - home to more than 60% of the nation's industry.  The bay has suffered from municipal and industrial waste, and sea level rise, and is now threatened by coal pollution.

Mbacke is a native of Hann, a small fishing village on the Atlantic Ocean south of Dakar, Senegal. For 25 years Mbacke has been active in the fight against the pollution that destroys the beach, sickens children, and impoverishes fishing communities. In 2006, Mbacke became the executive director of Hann Baykeeper. He is also vice-president of the Senegal’s national network of community organizations for the protection of the environment.


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Dakar, Ponty