Miles-Wye Riverkeeper


Jeff Horstman
[email protected]
(443) 385-0511



The Miles River Watershed comprises approximately 27,000 acres, 52% of which are in agriculture, 32% in forest or brush, and the rest, for the most part, in development. The Miles River spans an area of 54 square miles, of which 12 square miles is open water. The Wye and Wye East Rivers run north off of the mouth of the Miles, each approximately ten miles long. These rivers flow from their headwaters near Queenstown, MD into the Miles and Eastern Bay.

Jeff joined MRC’s board in June, 2010, was elected chairman in June, 2011, and served as such through 2013, providing key guidance and support in building MRC during its formative years. He grew up near Queenstown on the Wye River and is a 1982 graduate of Washington College with a BA in Political Science.


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