Great Bay Piscataqua Waterkeeper


Jeff Barnum
(603) 225-3060 x3016

The Great Bay estuary is a large, tidally-dominated estuarine system comprised of two large, inland embayments – Great Bay and Little Bay – connected to the Gulf of Maine by the powerful tides of the Piscataqua River, which forms the border between New Hampshire and Maine. With a total drainage area of 930 square miles spanning 39 communities in New Hampshire and another ten in Maine, the Great Bay estuary receives fresh water flows from seven major rivers, and several small creeks. The mixing of these fresh waters with the influx of tidal flows provides for a unique, sensitive, and highly productive natural resource that stands at the center of New Hampshire’s coastal heritage.

Jeff Barnum is Conservation Law Foundations’s Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper, working to address water quality issues throughout the Great Bay estuary. As a recreational fisherman who has fished Great Bay and the Piscataqua River, Jeff has witnessed, first-hand, negative changes in the estuary caused by water pollution, such as the loss of eelgrass habitat.


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