Loreto Coastkeeper

Due to the biological value, approximately 5% of the entire Gulf is under some kind of natural protection. Among the marine protected areas, the Loreto Bay National Park (LBNP) is the largest area under the National Park category and its coastline, with a focus on the urban town of Loreto, is the exclusive jurisdiction zone proposed for the Loreto Coastkeeper program. The Park comprises an area of 206,581 hectares, of which 89% corresponds to a marine area and the remainder to insular zones. Five large islands and 19 islets are contained within the boundaries of the LBNP.

Héctor Trinidad is the Loreto Coastkeeper. He graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California’s Schools of Marine Sciences with a degree in Oceanography, Geology, and Earth Sciences.  Before joining Eco- Alianza Loreto, the parent organization for the Loreto Coastkeeper, he was a marine resource surveyor in the for profit sector.  At Eco-Alianza Héctor manages projects ensuring the protection of flora and fauna --in and around Loreto —as well as the human communities whose livelihoods and/or wellbeing depends on the region’s natural resources.  As a professional bridging the natural world and human communities, he keenly understand the interplay between marine flora and fauna and their physical surroundings and the importance of advocating for both policies that sustain both land and coastal/ marine environments.  As Loreto Coastkeeper, Héctor has found that communities can flex their social and political muscle to demand for progress and solution only when diverse and often disparate stakeholders communicate and work hand in hand. 


Miguel Hidalgo SN, Loc 3, Esquina Romanita, Col. Centro
Loreto, Baja California Sur C.P. 23880