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2017: A Year of Devastating Floods

2017 will be remembered as a year of intense flooding. Many reading this will think of the horrific devastation Hurricane Harvey wreaked on the city of Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. Harvey is taking lives, forever altering livelihoods, and destroying billions of dollars of property. A number of key factors contributed to this destruction: misguided ...


Bayou City Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance Respond to Harvey Devastation

Bayou City Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance are responding to Hurricane Harvey, working to assess the damage the record-breaking storm has brought to southeast Texas. Deploying the Waterkeeper Alliance’s Rapid Response Protocol, Bayou City Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance staff are working to support local communities and are developing a long-term cleanup and water monitoring plan for ...


Coal barge carrying 1,000 tonnes of coal sinks in the Sundarbans World Heritage site

DHAKA, BANGLADESH — On Friday January 13th, the MV Aichgati, a large bulk cargo vessel carrying 1,000 tonnes of coal, sank in the estuary of the Pashur River in the Sundarbans World Heritage Site. In addition to the large amount of coal, hundreds of gallons of fuel oil, batteries and other toxic contaminants may now ...

Flooded Poultry CAFO


After Hurricane, First Detailed Look at Flooding of Feces-Laden N.C. Factory Farms By Soren Rundquist, Director of Spatial Analysis, Environmental Working Group  Hurricane Matthew’s rampage through North Carolina’s coastal plain last month flooded more than 140 feces-strewn swine and poultry barns, more than a dozen open pits brimming with hog waste and thousands of acres ...

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Another Duke Energy coal ash spill discovered into the Neuse River

GOLDSBORO, N.C. — Waterkeeper Alliance and Sound Rivers have discovered a large coal ash spill into the Neuse River from the Duke Energy H.F. Lee facility, 10 miles upstream of Goldsboro, NC. A substantial but undetermined amount of coal ash was found floating on the surface of the river in a layer over one inch ...

HF Lee flooding

Waterkeeper Alliance and Upper Neuse Riverkeeper at Sound Rivers Respond to News of Coal Ash Release from the Duke Energy H.F. Lee Facility in Goldsboro, NC

  BREAKING NEWS RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA — Late on Friday afternoon, Duke Energy informed the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality “that erosion caused by flooding from Hurricane Matthew may have led to the discharge of an unknown amount of coal ash.” Four of five retired coal ash ponds at the Lee plant near Goldsboro ...

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Waterkeeper Alliance and North Carolina Riverkeepers Conduct Aerial Patrols, Document Hog Waste Contamination and Flooded Coal Ash Ponds

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA — Waterkeeper Alliance continues to activate its Rapid Response protocol with 13 North Carolina Riverkeeper organizations to document the serious flooding impacts in the wake of Hurricane Matthew from the ground, in the air and on the water. Aerial patrols conducted October 12 and 13 over concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) have ...

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Waterkeeper Alliance and Upper Neuse Riverkeeper Respond to Duke Energy Cooling Pond Dam Breach of Quaker Neck Lake

Today, Waterkeeper Alliance and Upper Neuse Riverkeeper are responding to and documenting the breach of a 1.2-billion-gallon cooling pond dam at Duke Energy’s H.F. Lee plant. The breach occurred just minutes after Duke Energy issued a statement claiming that the “Ash basin and cooling pond dams across the state continue to operate safely; in fact, ...

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Waterkeeper Alliance and North Carolina Riverkeepers Respond to Hurricane Matthew Flooding in North Carolina

Offering opportunities for aerial flights over impacted areas RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA — As treacherous floods continue to devastate North Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Waterkeeper Alliance and 13 North Carolina Riverkeeper organizations are actively working to document the potential devastating impacts of flooded coal ash ponds, factory swine, and poultry facilities on the ...

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Ban Oil Trains For Good

This post, “Ban Oil Trains For Good,” originally appeared on The Huffington Post, August 11, 2016. Just a little over two months ago, a disastrous oil train derailment occurred in Mosier, Oregon, spilling 47,000 gallons of Bakken crude oil from North Dakota. The fallout from that accident has seen the entire region debating whether transporting this ...