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Public Interest Groups Oppose EPA’s Third Attempt to Shield CAFOs From Disclosing Hazardous Pollution

Last week, Earthjustice, representing Waterkeeper Alliance, The Humane Society of the United States, Sierra Club, Center for Food Safety, and Environmental Integrity Project, filed their opposition to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) attempt to further delay the hazardous substance release reporting requirements for industrial-scale livestock operations (concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs). The groups ...

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Project Osiris – The Next 20 Years of Waterkeeper Alliance

This letter, co-written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Marc Yaggi, originally appeared in our 2017 Annual Report. Dear Waterkeeper Alliance supporter, Pollution, diversion and drought have triggered a global water crisis that will be the central political, cultural and economic feature of our children’s lives. The World Bank predicts that the looming world water cataclysm — ...

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Win-Win Buyout Program Prevents More Losses in NC’s Floodplain

Co-Written by Will Hendrick, Waterkeeper Alliance Staff Attorney and North Carolina Pure Farms, Pure Waters Campaign Manager & Matthew Starr, Upper Neuse Riverkeeper In North Carolina, industrial hog facilities located near rivers, lakes, and streams in the 100-year floodplain are, especially during hurricane season, an ever-present threat to environmental quality and community health. The State ...


NCGOP Wrong on Property Rights

This weekend, political conservatives are gathering in Wilmington, NC, for the 2017 NCGOP State Convention, where party members will consider a platform replete with references to the importance of private property rights. Ostensibly, the NCGOP believes it is the “fundamental role of Government to protect” the “God-given inherent rights,” to property and that “[p]rivate property ...

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Bill Dumps Protections From Animal Waste | Dive Into Democracy

H.R. 848 is a blatant attempt to prevent the public from taking action to protect themselves against dangerous pollution caused by industrial-scale confined livestock facilities. Introduced by Representative Dan Newhouse, a Republican from Washington’s 4th district, H.R. 848 takes away a legal tool from the public – the ability to sue hog, dairy, cattle, and ...


Pollution or Profit? The True Cost of Doing Business

By North Sound Baykeeper Lee First Reposted with permission from Whatcom Watch Online When the pressure is on, we have to increase our resolve to work together to share the land, air, and water we depend on. Industry and environment can and must find a way to thrive simultaneously. One cannot flourish at the expense ...

Every Day Is World Water Day - English

Waterkeepers Unite Around the World

Waterkeeper Alliance supports an incredible group of 314 Waterkeeper Organizations and Affiliates, throughout 35 countries, spanning 6 continents. The Waterkeeper movement’s commitment to clean water is unwavering every day, but World Water Day provides a chance to highlight the goal that brings us all together: drinkable, fishable, swimmable water everywhere. The theme of this year’s ...

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From Polluter to Model Farmer: The Hog Waste on Radish Hill

By Xin Hao, Ding Fan, and Mei Xiu of Qiantang River Waterkeeper Mr. Dong, a staffer of Qiantang River Waterkeeper, typically works around the clock patrolling a river in Gaojia Town, Qujiang District, Quzhou City, China. May 1st of last year, however, was not a typical day for him. He was patrolling the river with two ...

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NCEJN and Allies Respond to Latest Attack by Hog Industry

This post originally appeared on North Carolina Environmental Justice Network’s website. Bullies don’t like it when you fight back. For decades, the multi-national corporations that control the hog industry in Eastern North Carolina have bullied people who live near hog facilities. Elsie Herring has been standing up to the industry since the mid-1990s, and she’s ...


Trump’s Cabinet Will Throw Us Into Environmental Catastrophe

ACT NOW: Write your Senator today and demand they do not approve Rick Perry, Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, and Rex Tillerson to Trump’s Cabinet. The facts are clear. President-Elect Trump’s Cabinet nominees represent a targeted and well-thought out assault on America’s environmental protections. The President-Elect is stacking his leadership with not only the fossil fuel industry’s ...