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Waterkeeper Alliance President Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Responds to Keystone Spill

Yesterday, TransCanada’s Keystone 1 pipeline spilled at least 210,000 gallons of tar sands oil in South Dakota, just days before the Nebraska Public Service Commission is set to decide whether to issue a key permit for Keystone XL – a proposed expansion of the same pipeline system. Initial reports suggest the spill has not impacted ...

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Tribes, Landowners and Conservation Groups Intervene in Jordan Cove Pipeline Fight

Last month, Pembina, the Canadian Company behind the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline and LNG export terminal filed their Certificate Application with the federal government, marking their third attempt over a 12 year period to build a pipeline through southern Oregon to ship fracked gas overseas. The project has faced stiff opposition from impacted communities because ...

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Communities Pay The Price for Pipelines

Co-written by Waterkeeper Alliance Staff Attorney Larissa Liebmann and Atchafalaya Basinkeeper Staff Attorney Misha Mitchell In 2017, Sunoco Logistics Partners (Sunoco) merged with, and changed its name to, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), the company behind the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. Through this merger, ETP combined two companies with dubious incident and compliance histories. The Pipeline and ...


Straining Through the Smoke, Looking for a Clean Energy Future

The smoke outside was so thick one could not see the mountains that rise sharply on the other side of the valley. Inside, I sat amongst 400 community members who anxiously awaited updates from the incident command team that recently set up a nearby base camp with almost 600 personnel to fight a complex of ...

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Constitution Pipeline Rejected! Second Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms States’ Power to Reject Pipelines

Today, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals denied a petition from Constitution Pipeline Company and, in the process, upheld the authority of states to reject projects that impact state water quality standards. This victory is an important reminder to all states that they have the power to stop harmful pipeline projects. Waterkeeper Alliance joined an Amicus Brief with ...

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Don’t Give Pipeline Companies A Free Pass | Dive Into Democracy

A month ago, we discussed how oil and gas pipeline construction can be devastating to the environment and communities and can lead to long-lasting damage and the continued risk of spills. We also explained how the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the federal agency in charge of approving interstate natural gas pipelines, unfairly prioritizes fossil ...

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Pollution Cannot be Political

By Maia Berlow, Advocacy Intern at Waterkeeper Alliance On June 14th, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Nick Lyon and four others were charged with involuntary manslaughter in an investigation of the Flint Water Crisis. Lyon is accused of failing to alert the majority-black population in the Flint area to a Legionnaire’s ...

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Fight for a Fairer FERC! | Dive Into Democracy

Increased oil and gas production in the United States and Canada over recent years has lead to demand for new pipelines. Pipeline construction can be devastating to the environment and communities. Companies often use questionable eminent domain practices to seize land from property owners, and building pipelines can involve cutting down extensive areas of forest ...


NCGOP Wrong on Property Rights

This weekend, political conservatives are gathering in Wilmington, NC, for the 2017 NCGOP State Convention, where party members will consider a platform replete with references to the importance of private property rights. Ostensibly, the NCGOP believes it is the “fundamental role of Government to protect” the “God-given inherent rights,” to property and that “[p]rivate property ...


Divest for Children and the Planet

The children and our only planet home. Both are so abundantly diverse and preciously unique that they fill my soul with wonder. Inside my heart lives a fierce drive to see them protected so they may grow to the fullness of their capacity. But alas, I fear that the future of both is threatened by ...