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Duke Energy Violates the Law by Hiding Critical Dam Safety Information

Information Withheld for Coal Ash Sites across North Carolina CHAPEL HILL, N.C.— Local community groups across the country today sent Duke Energy and government authorities notices that they plan to bring enforcement actions against Duke Energy for withholding critical dam safety information that Duke Energy was required to disclose to communities in April of this ...

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Win-Win Buyout Program Prevents More Losses in NC’s Floodplain

Co-Written by Will Hendrick, Waterkeeper Alliance Staff Attorney and North Carolina Pure Farms, Pure Waters Campaign Manager & Matthew Starr, Upper Neuse Riverkeeper In North Carolina, industrial hog facilities located near rivers, lakes, and streams in the 100-year floodplain are, especially during hurricane season, an ever-present threat to environmental quality and community health. The State ...


NCGOP Wrong on Property Rights

This weekend, political conservatives are gathering in Wilmington, NC, for the 2017 NCGOP State Convention, where party members will consider a platform replete with references to the importance of private property rights. Ostensibly, the NCGOP believes it is the “fundamental role of Government to protect” the “God-given inherent rights,” to property and that “[p]rivate property ...

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NCEJN and Allies Respond to Latest Attack by Hog Industry

This post originally appeared on North Carolina Environmental Justice Network’s website. Bullies don’t like it when you fight back. For decades, the multi-national corporations that control the hog industry in Eastern North Carolina have bullied people who live near hog facilities. Elsie Herring has been standing up to the industry since the mid-1990s, and she’s ...

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North Carolina Communities Impacted by CAFOs Ask EPA to Make A Finding of Discrimination By Year’s End

By Elizabeth Haddix, Senior Staff Attorney, UNC Center for Civil Rights African American, Latino, and Native American residents of Eastern North Carolina are anxiously awaiting help from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their decades-long struggle to resist the adverse impacts of confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) disproportionately concentrated in their communities.  In September 2014, groups ...

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Uncovering One of the Worst CAFO Polluters in Hominy Valley

For months, French Broad Riverkeeper volunteers took samples to be tested for E. coli bacteria in the water along the Hominy Creek Greenway, a popular recreation spot in West Asheville, North Carolina, frequented by hikers, bikers, and people enjoying the sandy spit of beach. The problem? The samples consistently showed E. coli levels that were ...

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McCrory Administration’s Coal Ash Headline Is Deceptive

On Friday the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality issued a press release titled, “McCrory administration issues coal ash violations against Duke Energy.” The press release linked to notice letters that trigger a DEQ administrative enforcement process for illegal pollution that is, at least in large part, already the subject of ongoing state court enforcement ...

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UPDATE: Black River Still at Risk, Hog Industry Still Peddling Deception

About a month ago, I took a trip out to the Black River basin after seeing television ads paid for by the hog industry that talk about how the Black River is “pristine.” Well, the results of my water sampling on January 22, 2016, the day those ads began running, showed otherwise: 100% of the ...

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Title VI Must Protect People, Not Corporations

Since the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, our federal government has had the great responsibility of protecting historically marginalized individuals and communities from discrimination of all kinds. However, environmental racism is one arena where our government has failed those that deserve its protection the most. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act ...

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The Black River Is Not “Pristine”

On Friday, January 22nd, I woke up to learn of an advertisement that was making the rounds that was attempting to discredit environmental groups like mine that want to put an end to pollution from industrialized animal production. This slick commercial, paid for by the hog industry, pointed to the Black River, a tributary of ...