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Hydropower is NOT Clean Energy: Dams and Reservoirs are Major Drivers of Climate Change

On November 8, 2017, the House of Representatives approved a bill, H.R. 3043, that defines hydropower as a renewable energy source and fast-tracks the licensing of large, taxpayer-funded hydro-projects, claiming that the concentration of licensing power in the hands of one federal agency—the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)—will boost a clean source of energy. Reservoirs ...


Labrador Waterkeeper on “Big Dams, Big Damage” Tour to Highlight Muskrat Falls

As an Oregonian, I’ve long heard epic and heartbreaking stories about Celilo Falls on the Columbia River. Straddling the border of Oregon and Washington State, Celilo Falls was a traditional fishing area for indigenous people, including the Yakama, Umatilla, and the Walla Walla Tribes. Celilo was the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America until ...


Groups File Lawsuit to Stop New Diversion and Protect Flows in Colorado River

Suit seeks to halt Windy Gap Firming Project and force alternatives A coalition of environmental groups today filed a lawsuit in federal court to prevent additional diversions from the already struggling Colorado River. The suit questions the need for the Windy Gap Firming Project, which is a plan to divert on average an additional 30,000 ...

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Swimming 24 Miles for Clean Water in Iraqi Kurdistan

In September, in the midst of major political campaigning in Iraqi Kurdistan for an independence referendum, Waterkeepers Iraq was quietly conducting a swimming expedition to promote clean water. With seven water advocates and a small staff from a local television station on board, three swimmers completed the first ever attempt to swim the entire distance ...

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Stop the Dam Attack on Rivers | Dive Into Democracy

“In the West, it is said, water flows uphill toward money. And it literally does, as it leaps three thousand feet across the Tehachapi Mountains in gigantic siphons to slake the thirst of Los Angeles, as it is shoved a thousand feet out of Colorado River canyons to water Phoenix and Palm Springs and the ...


Straining Through the Smoke, Looking for a Clean Energy Future

The smoke outside was so thick one could not see the mountains that rise sharply on the other side of the valley. Inside, I sat amongst 400 community members who anxiously awaited updates from the incident command team that recently set up a nearby base camp with almost 600 personnel to fight a complex of ...

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Stop the Fast-Tracking of Dams! | Dive Into Democracy

Threats from the hydropower industry have increased in recent years and right now there are more than 30 bills in Congress that impact how dams are built and regulated on our rivers. While dam owners would like us to believe that hydropower is a “clean” technology, the truth is that dams hurt rivers and the ...

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Congress Doubles Down on Fossil Fuel Addiction | Dive Into Democracy

Emboldened by a President who denies climate change and appointed an ExxonMobil executive as our Secretary of State, Congressional leadership is planning to fast-track a massive and dangerous energy bill: S.1460, the Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017. While the United States needs a visionary overhaul of its energy infrastructure, this bill doubles down ...


Kick Out The Dams!

This week, I returned from a trip to the beautiful country of Sweden, where I spent time with Thomas Johansson, Swedish Baltic Rivers Waterkeeper, and Christer Borg, Alvraddanas Waterkeeper, to witness and discuss the impacts of dams on Sweden’s rivers. Little did I know, we would be celebrating a new dam removal victory during our ...

Rafael Chambers (left) and his son Patricio walk through a city park in Quito along the Machangara River where they promote programs to plant trees, protect the watershed, and connect people to nature.

The Guayllabamba Waterkeeper Family of Quito, Ecuador

The Waterkeeper movement – all 320+ of us around the world and our staffs – likes to think of each other as a family, but perhaps nowhere is that more pronounced than in Quito, Ecuador along the Machangara and Guayllabamba Rivers. Guayllabamba Waterkeeper is truly a family enterprise. The family of Rafael Chambers – including ...