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offshore drilling

Our Oceans, Our Future | Dive Into Democracy

Our coasts are under grave threat from the Trump administration catering to fossil fuel companies. The land under the ocean off of our coasts is considered public lands, which means the federal government is in charge of deciding how they are used. Under the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, the federal government decides what offshore ...

regulatory process s951 industry

URGENT: Don’t let Industry Hijack our Regulatory Process!

5/26/2017: This post has been updated to reflect the advancement of the RAA. Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed EPA’s important role in creating environmental safeguards in the form of federal regulations, and how the Trump Administration’s effort to “cut the red tape” caters to industry’s desire to increase profits at our expense. Unfortunately, ...

animal waste swine cafo hog pig north carolina

Bill Dumps Protections From Animal Waste | Dive Into Democracy

H.R. 848 is a blatant attempt to prevent the public from taking action to protect themselves against dangerous pollution caused by industrial-scale confined livestock facilities. Introduced by Representative Dan Newhouse, a Republican from Washington’s 4th district, H.R. 848 takes away a legal tool from the public – the ability to sue hog, dairy, cattle, and ...

save epa

Save EPA | Dive Into Democracy

On top of trying to remove the regulatory safeguards that industry finds too costly, the Trump administration is also launching an effort to weaken – and in some cases, eliminate entirely – the federal agencies charged with creating these safeguards. The “Reorganizing the Executive Branch” website features a video of the Office of Management and ...


People Before Profits | Dive Into Democracy

Powerful and wealthy corporations and industry trade groups have been flooding the Trump administration with requests to gut critical public health and environmental regulations that industry argues are cutting into their profits or are simply unnecessary. In reality, these requests are nothing more than corporate wish lists that prioritize profits over public safety and clean ...

peoples climate march

Get In The Streets – Join Us At The Peoples Climate March!

Whether it is rising sea levels, ocean warming and acidification, or changing weather patterns, climate change impacts every single one of us, and hurts the most vulnerable communities around the world most. On top of this, fossil fuels – which are the source of the majority of greenhouse gas emissions – have other devastating water ...

Dive Into Democracy citizen suits Waterkeeper Alliance congressional recess

Dive Into Democracy | April Congressional Recess

The April congressional recess starts today and hopefully you’ve had a chance to locate the town halls hosted by your Members of Congress (MoCs). If not, you can check here and here, or search on your MoCs’ websites using the tool at the bottom of this post. Going to a town hall gives you an ...

town halls clean water speak up

Dive Into Democracy | Gearing Up for Town Halls!

From April 10-21, 2017, Members of Congress (MoCs) will be returning home to their districts, which means there will be opportunities for you to attend town halls and meet with them. This is your chance to make sure your Members of Congress know how important clean water is to you and to let them know ...

citizen suits

Dive Into Democracy | An Attack On Citizen Suits

Citizen suits are an essential tool for the work that Waterkeeper Organizations and Affiliates do. When Congress created environmental laws like the Clean Water Act, they recognized that governmental agencies might sometimes fail to take action against illegal pollution. As a solution, the Clean Water Act includes a provision that allows ordinary citizens to take ...

Dive Into Democracy citizen suits Waterkeeper Alliance congressional recess

Dive Into Democracy | Week of 3.20.17

Dive Into Democracy is Waterkeeper Alliance’s weekly roundup of current attacks on America’s clean water protections and how to take action. Want to get them in your email? Sign up here. Last Thursday, the Trump Administration revealed the proposed federal budget, which guts funding for many federal agencies – and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ...