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Waterkeepers Fighting Harmful Algal Blooms From Coast to Coast

By Kai Olson-Sawyer | This post originally appeared on the Ecocentric blog and is reprinted with permission. America’s waterways are as different and unique as its geography and people. From small streams, rural ponds and pocket wetlands to mighty rivers, great lakes and massive estuaries, the United States depends on the wealth of these waters for its public health and ...

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Strong Environmental Review Protects Us All!

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), is a monumental law passed in 1970 to ensure that decisions made by federal agencies that will impact the environment are made in a transparent, well-informed manner. It requires agencies to take a “hard look” at the potential impacts of their decisions, consider other available alternatives, and provide the ...

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Build Barriers to Protect Our Great Lakes From Invasion, Our Jobs Are At Stake

By Marc Yaggi and Lake Erie Waterkeeper Sandy Bihn, EcoWatch Reposted with permission from EcoWatch. Before President Trump took office, a barrier designed to protect American jobs from a growing foreign threat had been researched by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. A month after President Trump took office, while promising that his strongman tactics would protect ...


Straining Through the Smoke, Looking for a Clean Energy Future

The smoke outside was so thick one could not see the mountains that rise sharply on the other side of the valley. Inside, I sat amongst 400 community members who anxiously awaited updates from the incident command team that recently set up a nearby base camp with almost 600 personnel to fight a complex of ...


2017: A Year of Devastating Floods

2017 will be remembered as a year of intense flooding. Many reading this will think of the horrific devastation Hurricane Harvey wreaked on the city of Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. Harvey is taking lives, forever altering livelihoods, and destroying billions of dollars of property. A number of key factors contributed to this destruction: misguided ...

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We Need a Fully Funded EPA!

Congress returns from its summer recess this week, and one of its most pressing tasks is coming to an agreement on a federal budget. In the spring, the Trump administration revealed a proposed budget that would slash funding for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by a third. After the president proposes a budget, both ...


Bayou City Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance Respond to Harvey Devastation

Bayou City Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance are responding to Hurricane Harvey, working to assess the damage the record-breaking storm has brought to southeast Texas. Deploying the Waterkeeper Alliance’s Rapid Response Protocol, Bayou City Waterkeeper and Waterkeeper Alliance staff are working to support local communities and are developing a long-term cleanup and water monitoring plan for ...

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UPDATE: Don’t Let EPA Gut the Clean Water Act! | Dive Into Democracy

UPDATE: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps announced that they are extending the comment period on the proposed first step of the revoking and rewriting of the definition of ‘Waters of the U.S.’ to September 27, 2017. Please take advantage of this opportunity and tell EPA that you oppose any rollback of clean water protections! ...

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A Persistent Voice for Clean Water

Since Dive into Democracy launched in March, we have covered many of the ways that the Trump administration and Members of Congress are attempting to push an environmental agenda that puts industry profits before the health, safety, and rights of all Americans. While it often feels like an uphill battle, speaking out makes a difference. ...

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President Trump’s Infrastructure Scheme Puts Lives at Risk

Yesterday, President Trump held a press conference to announce his issuance of an executive order to fast track dangerous fossil fuel and energy projects and eliminate environmental regulations that protect Americans from flooding. Instead of addressing the critical importance of updating America’s water infrastructure, so that children in cities like Flint, Michigan don’t have to ...