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Cook Inletkeeper Rally

Cook Inletkeeper Stands Ground, Wins Against Coal and Gas

Alaska is blessed with wild and spectacular natural amenities, but logging, mining and other extractive industries have long taken a toll on its landscape and waterways. It’s a state where the fossil-fuel industry exercises a lot of power and control. In south-central Alaska, however, Cook Inletkeeper is watching closely, and acting effectively. One of its ...

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The Top 10 Ways Scott Pruitt Can Hurt the Nation’s Largest Estuary

Waterkeepers Chesapeake is a coalition of 19 Waterkeeper, Coastkeeper, Shorekeeper and Riverkeepers from around the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We asked our Waterkeepers, who know their watersheds better than anyone, their greatest fears about Scott Pruitt as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator. With Pruitt’s history of climate change denial and his close ties to the oil ...

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When Government Won’t Stop Illegal Pollution, We the People Can (For Now)

Over the last 45 years, the Clean Water Act and other federal environmental laws have dramatically reduced pollution and improved living conditions across America. Before we had the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and other vital protections for our health and our natural resources, rivers were so polluted they erupted in flames and ...

By Dimitry B.

The Bay is Under Threat from Washington D.C.

By San Francisco Baykeeper Sejal Choksi-Chugh, from the March 2017 edition of Bay Crossings Amid the drama of alternative facts and security leaks, the new administration has been unpredictable. And as its anti-environment agenda becomes clearer, Baykeeper’s attorneys and scientists are evaluating how best to protect San Francisco Bay from looming threats. One imminent threat is ...

WKC at DFM Events (Robin Broder & Brent Walls)

Waterkeepers Chesapeake Has One Clear Demand: Ban Fracking Now

Written by Katlyn Clark of Waterkeepers Chesapeake. For the past few years, Waterkeepers Chesapeake has worked to prevent horizontal hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) from coming to the state of Maryland. We had a short-lived victory when a 2-year moratorium law passed in the beginning of 2015 – but that law will expire in October 2017, meaning that ...

Mathane Flare

Act Now to Stop the Repeal of the “Methane Rule”

Senate Republicans move to repeal the Methane Rule, put protection of our environment and taxpayer financial interests on the chopping block Today, the Senate is expected to vote on a proposed repeal of the so-called “Methane Rule.” The oil and gas industry likes to light methane on fire on our public lands. It flames and ...

Rustic Ridge Mine

Mountain Watershed Association Appeals Rustic Ridge Deep Mine Permit

By Krissy Kasserman, Youghiogheny Riverkeeper. A version of this post originally appeared on Youghiogheny Riverkeeper’s blog. On Friday, January 13th, the Mountain Watershed Association, home of the Youghiogheny Riverkeeper, filed an appeal of the issuance of a mining permit for LCT Energy LLC’s Rustic Ridge #1 mine with the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board. The Rustic Ridge deep ...


Trump’s Cabinet Will Throw Us Into Environmental Catastrophe

ACT NOW: Write your Senator today and demand they do not approve Rick Perry, Scott Pruitt, Ryan Zinke, and Rex Tillerson to Trump’s Cabinet. The facts are clear. President-Elect Trump’s Cabinet nominees represent a targeted and well-thought out assault on America’s environmental protections. The President-Elect is stacking his leadership with not only the fossil fuel industry’s ...

john wathen standing rock no dapl dakota access pipeline executive orders

The Legal Reasons DAPL Is Not Dead

Daniel E. Estrin is General Counsel and Legal Director for Waterkeeper Alliance. Like many concerned citizens, I initially felt great relief on December 4th when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it will not grant Energy Transfer Partners an easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to cross the Missouri River at Lake ...

georgia dirty dozen georgia water coalition

“Dirty Dozen” Calls Out Most Threatened Waters in Georgia

Written by Georgia Water Coalition, a group of more than 230 organizations including Altamaha Riverkeeper, Apalachicola Riverkeeper, Chattachoochee Riverkeeper, Flint Riverkeeper, Ogeechee Riverkeeper, Satilla Riverkeeper, Savannah Riverkeeper, St. Marys Riverkeeper, and WWALS Watershed Coaltion, a Waterkeeper Affiliate. Georgia’s leading water coalition named its “Dirty Dozen” for 2016, highlighting 12 of the worst offenses to Georgia’s waters. ...