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From Polluter to Model Farmer: The Hog Waste on Radish Hill

By Xin Hao, Ding Fan, and Mei Xiu of Qiantang River Waterkeeper Mr. Dong, a staffer of Qiantang River Waterkeeper, typically works around the clock patrolling a river in Gaojia Town, Qujiang District, Quzhou City, China. May 1st of last year, however, was not a typical day for him. He was patrolling the river with two ...

dongting lake patrol

An Exciting Patrol on Dongting Lake

On my last visit to China in April 2016, I went on a night patrol with Dongting Lake Waterkeeper DaMing He, aka Brother Ming, on Dongting Lake, a large, shallow lake in northeastern Hunan Province that is the birthplace of the dragon boat race, and home to the endangered finless porpoise. Brother Ming is a ...

"cancer villages" egret china clay river

Curing China’s “Cancer Villages”

Shadowing Mr. Huo, the Upper Huai River Waterkeeper, also known as the “Huai River Guardian (淮河卫士)” in China, on a typical patrol day was, for me, like riding an emotional rollercoaster.  To appreciate the importance of his efforts  to solve drinking-water problems in villages along the Upper Huai, one must first know about China’s “Cancer ...