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Oahu and Qiantang River Waterkeeper IMG_3065 (1)

Hawai‘i and China Connect on Maui

This summer Green Zhejiang, the parent organization of Qiantang River Waterkeeper, once again brought a group of students to Hawai‘i to explore its culture and environment. Unlike the past two trips, this time a local Waterkeeper – the first of its kind in Hawai‘i – was there to accompany the Green Zhejiang’s Nature Expedition Team. ...

xiang river waterkeeper 2017 Jan. group pic of patrollers

From Xiang to Yangtze, Watchers of the Chinese Rivers

By Cheng Sun, Xiang River Waterkeeper 2,295 years ago, the patriotic poet Yuan Qu committed suicide by drowning himself in the Miluo River after being unfairly accused of treason. People rushed to search for his body but did so in vain. Fearing the body might be eaten by fish, they tossed rice balls into the ...

Black Reef Coast Waterkeeper

Oyster Reef Restoration in Liaodong Peninsula

By Zhipeng Wang and Shengwei Zeng of Black Reef Coast Waterkeeper In December 2015, Sirui Wang,  Black Reef Coast Waterkeeper and long-time environmental advocate, initiated a discussion on how to solve ocean pollution with his colleagues Jing Zhu, Wenting Qiu and Shengwei Zeng. Utilizing their collective knowledge, they found that oyster reefs play a great ...


One Belt, One Road… ONE BLUE PLANET

“All of the pollution we force upon our rivers, is but only wounds to our civilizations and ourselves. To protect rivers, is to protect the common interests of the entire human race.” — excerpt from the Humans and Rivers Declaration, Hangzhou, China, June 28, 2017 Hangzhou, China is likened to the American city of Seattle, ...

Qiantang River Waterkeeper

Read for the Earth: Wake up Our Love for Nature

By Mei Xue1 and Lan Xiaowen2 of Qiantang River Waterkeeper April 22nd of each year is Earth Day, a festival dedicated to the world’s environmental protection. This internationally recognized day raises the public’s consciousness of existing environmental problems and mobilizes people to participate in the environmental movement. The goal is for people to start to follow a ...

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From Polluter to Model Farmer: The Hog Waste on Radish Hill

By Xin Hao, Ding Fan, and Mei Xiu of Qiantang River Waterkeeper Mr. Dong, a staffer of Qiantang River Waterkeeper, typically works around the clock patrolling a river in Gaojia Town, Qujiang District, Quzhou City, China. May 1st of last year, however, was not a typical day for him. He was patrolling the river with two ...

dongting lake patrol

An Exciting Patrol on Dongting Lake

On my last visit to China in April 2016, I went on a night patrol with Dongting Lake Waterkeeper DaMing He, aka Brother Ming, on Dongting Lake, a large, shallow lake in northeastern Hunan Province that is the birthplace of the dragon boat race, and home to the endangered finless porpoise. Brother Ming is a ...

"cancer villages" egret china clay river

Curing China’s “Cancer Villages”

Shadowing Mr. Huo, the Upper Huai River Waterkeeper, also known as the “Huai River Guardian (淮河卫士)” in China, on a typical patrol day was, for me, like riding an emotional rollercoaster.  To appreciate the importance of his efforts  to solve drinking-water problems in villages along the Upper Huai, one must first know about China’s “Cancer ...