Pete Nichols

Pete joined the staff of Waterkeeper Alliance in July of 2011 after serving on the Waterkeeper Alliance Board of Directors for three (3) years as Pacific Regional Representative, and nearly 8 years as the Humboldt Baykeeper. Pete was co-founder, Baykeeper, and Executive Director of Humboldt Baykeeper since its inception in 2004. Originally inspired from the lakes and coastal waters of his childhood home of Maine, Pete has always been an advocate for the environment.

In the 1980’s, Pete joined the U.S. Coast Guard. During this time, he was stationed on Governor’s Island in New York Harbor, the receiving waters of the Hudson River and, unbeknownst to him at the time, the birthplace of the Waterkeeper movement. After leaving the Coast Guard, Pete headed west and became deeply involved in the struggle to protect the last remnants of the region’s ancient redwood forests and has been active in local, and regional, and national conservation efforts ever since. Pete obtained a degree in Conservation Biology from Humboldt State University and has been involved in conservation in northern California for over 25 years. Prior to his arrival at Humboldt Baykeeper, Pete acted as the Project and Science Coordinator for the California Wildlands Project, a habitat-based conservation planning project of the California Wilderness Coalition. In this capacity, Pete worked with a team at UC Davis to develop GIS-based models to identify habitat corridors for large carnivores in California and develop strategies to protect these vital habitats.

In addition to his role at the Waterkeeper Alliance, Pete is also the founder and President of the Nature Iraq Foundation, a philanthropic charity dedicated to protecting the environment of the Middle East. Pete also is the President of the Board of the Friends of the Eel River, a regional river protection organization in northern California.


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