Katherine Luscher

Serving as Waterkeeper Alliance’s Project Manager, Katherine Luscher brings 2 decades of professional experience and a lifetime of passion to her career. From 1995 through 2015, she worked at River Network, where she edited River Voices, a quarterly journal for the river conservation movement; coordinated and helped to evolve River Rally, a national training conference for over 500 participants; created the National River Heroes award; and facilitated numerous in-person and online trainings for locally-based organizational throughout the country. She continuously seeks to leverage the limited resources available to the movement by creating new resources, seeking out new partnerships, and communicating and engaging with other organizations that have like-minded missions.

When not protecting our water resources, Katherine makes sure to enjoy them – serving as a whitewater rafting guide on Oregon’s Rogue River. Katherine has a B.S. in Political Science/Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon and earned a M.A. in Environmental Policy from Western Washington University.