Waterkeeper Alliance

Magazine: Volume 8, Issue 2

The Law That Changed America Turns 40 (Summer 2012)

Waterkeeper Magazine puts readers on the front lines of the global environmental crisis, where the Waterkeeper movement is fighting for our rivers, lakes, coastal waters - and the planet. These are the stories you won’t find anywhere else covered in such depth and uncompromising force.

Klamath Dam-Removal Advocates

Undamming the Klamath

As historic dam-removal and river-restoration await congressional approval, some “dam-huggers” fight on. By Erica Terence, Klamath Riverkeeper Last November, in a stuffy fairgrounds building usually reserved for judging farm animals in far Northern California’s rural Siskiyou County, a few dozen commercial fishermen, farmers and Native American tribal members stood their ground in judging a very ...

BNSF Railway’s Balmer Yard

BNSF Derailed in Seattle

Puget Soundkeeper wins landmark Clean Water Act settlement. By Chris Wilke, Puget Soundkeeper In 1972 the U. S. Congress passed the Clean Water Act with the goal of eliminating the discharge of pollutants to the nation’s waters by 1985. That goal, unfortunately, wasn’t reached, but there have been many successes over the last four decades ...

Nancy Creek Tunnel

Is That the Chattahoochee River?

17 Years after lawsuit, the Atlanta waterway is cleaner than anyone remembers. By Sally Bethea, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper On a late-fall day in 2011, Alan Cressler, a U.S. Geological Survey scientist who has monitored water quality in Georgia’s Chattahoochee River twice a month for a decade, made what he regarded as an amazing discovery. He found ...

Golden Gate Bridge

California Cleaning

A score of lawsuits is using the Clean Water Act to restore the health of legendary San Francisco Bay. By Deb Self, San Francisco Baykeeper Using the citizen suit provision of the Clean Water Act, San Francisco Baykeeper has succeeded in forcing dramatic reductions in sewage spills and overflows into San Francisco Bay. For years, ...

the lower Spokane River, just minutes from downtown Spokane.

River Revival in Spokane

Decades after their banning, Spokane faces up to the persistent peril of PCBs. By Bart Mihailovich, Spokane Riverkeeper PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, are so famous – or infamous – that they’re known in environmental circles as a “legacy pollutant.” And one of the many U. S. waterbodies where they have left their mark is Washington ...