Waterkeeper Alliance


The Waterkeeper Alliance Leadership Circle is composed of passionate and committed individuals advancing the mission of Waterkeeper Alliance by raising awareness of key environmental issues, widening the organization’s network of influential allies, and advocating for clean water.

Amy Acker & James Carpinello

Brian Acrish

Dr. Alan Andacht & Dr. Michael Maher

Gabriele Bertaccini

William S. Brennan

Gordon Brown

Emmeli & Dylan Bruno

Jason C. Chryssicas

Deanna Clarkson Smith & Bob Smith

Sean Currie

Virginia Dadey

Geralyn Dreyfous

Reverend Gerald L. Durley

Mark Feuerstein

Murray Fisher

Rafael Fogel

Barnaby Furnas

Neil Giuliano

CC Goldwater & David Sager

Woody Harrelson

Rachael Harris & Christian Hebel

TJ Hill

Katherine Kendrick

Ilene S. Landress

Carrie Lee

Karen Lehner

Chad Lowe

Camryn Manheim

James Manfredonia

Michael McCulloch & Chris Kafentzis

Nicole Miller

Diane Neal

Lewis Perkins

Bryce Perry

John R. Seydel

Harper Simon

Dr. William E. Smith

Don Thompson

Joe Tomlinson

Alexandra & Kent Weed