Become a Waterkeeper Affiliate

By becoming a Waterkeeper Affiliate, you become a provisionally licensed Waterkeeper organization that represents a specific waterway. Waterkeeper Affiliates are associated with Waterkeeper Alliance as partners across the globe advocating for everyone’s right to swimmable, drinkable, and fishable water.

Annual Conference: An opportunity to join Waterkeepers from around the world to build and reinforce a unified network of water advocates.

Regional Coordination: Participate in regional campaigns, grassroots organizing, and local gatherings to foster communication and collaboration within the Waterkeeper movement.

Training: Waterkeepers are using science, technology and the law to stop polluters and protect our waterways. Tap into the wealth of knowledge in the movement and strengthen your advocacy through our training programs.

Waterkeeper Magazine: A new approach to independent environmental journalism, we help bring your stories from the front lines of the global water crisis to an international audience.

Social Media: Reach over 80,000 online supporters through Waterkeeper Alliance’s e-advocacy and social media channels.

Media: Amplify your message through collaborative media campaigns and joint PR.

Online Advocacy: The Waterkeeper movement is utilizing new and innovative technology to increase support and engage a global audience.

Organizational Capacity: Waterkeeper Alliance provides resources to help guide strategy and fundraising.

Community Listserves: The Waterkeeper movement is built of experts skilled in all aspects of protecting our waterways. Connect with grassroots leaders to increase your organizational capacity and efficacy.

Mentors: All new Waterkeeper Affiliates are connected to mentors who will guide, strengthen, and empower your program.

Trademark: Waterkeeper Alliance fights to protect the Waterkeeper name to ensure its continued strength and impact.

For more information, please contact Bart Mihailovich, Affiliate Coordinator or download the Waterkeeper Affiliate proposal template.